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Jennifer is a veteran of 28 singles conferences, numerous firesides and Women’s Conferences across the USA, from Anchorage, Alaska to Washington D.C.. She loves to engage the audience in discussion about singles issues and healing.  Jennifer is a sought-after interview on radio, TV and print and was recently featured in the PBS TV series “Utah Conversations with Ted Capener” broadcast by KUED-TV in Salt Lake City.  Click on the button below to view the episode and blog online:

Jennifer and Ted highlighted the challenges of being single and divorced in the LDS Church and tried to “hasten the call” to educate the public on the needs of this marginalized population, along with being a dedicated advocate of pre-marriage relationship education/counseling, nationwide.  Jennifer has also been an advisor to online dating sites and has written dating articles for LDSSingles.com.

As a clinical researcher, Jennifer is currently working on two other books about relationships: “Rules of Remarriage” and “The Seven Deadly Enemies of Relationship.”  She has worked in private practice serving clientele in the greater Salt Lake area and excited to join her colleagues at Healing Steps.

Her specialties include:  Anxiety/Depression, Addiction, Bipolar management, Couples Counseling, Gender dysphoria/identification (LGBTQ), Divorce/Singles, Grief, Spirituality issues, Jennifer’s passion is to help people on their paths to healing.
In her private life, Jennifer has been a professional singer, plays guitar and piano, performs with her daughters, writing, motivational speaking, loves to play racquetball and ride horses, is adept at genealogy, interior design and enthusiastically enjoys her amazing family and friends.

Jennifer is a published author, marriage and family therapist (LCSW), popular motivational speaker, and a single, divorced mom of three talented daughters.  She earned her Masters in Social Work from the University of Utah, where she was awarded the Blanche Scocroft Willie academic scholarship during her studies, in 2004.  Her books “In Flight With Broken Wings” (Cedar Fort, 2003) and the revised edition “Latter-day Divorce and Beyond: Surviving Singlehood” (Cedar Fort, 2006) have helped thousands heal after experiencing the trauma of divorce in the LDS culture.  Jennifer experienced divorce after her 20-year temple marriage ended, and felt the first-hand experience could help others gain strength and confidence.  

Jennifer James, LCSW